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Products are mainly sold to the United States, Australia, Canada, Dubai, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Spain. Our main markets are Europe and America.

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Arrow root Farm

Arrow root Farm

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Pueraria lobata, the national geographic indication protection area, is the most traditional agricultural product in Gaoming City, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The planting area is located in the sunny and fertile mountainous town of Genhe.
Fuyi Pueraria lobata is planted in Dadong Village of Heshui. Our vegetables are grown in a natural area about 60 kilometers away from the urban area without industrial pollution.
In order to meet the needs of the European and American markets, we have developed planting methods to improve the quality of Pueraria lobata, which has met the export standards and boosted the export volume.
Fuyi Pueraria requires a mixture of sandy and mountain soil, so our farm chooses high-quality soil for planting, so that Pueraria lobata is filled with starch.
Organic agriculture can bring healthy nutrients to the growth of Pueraria lobata. The number of days of Fuyi hydration Pueraria lobata is 260 days (the normal planting time of arrowroot is 150 days)
With artificially picked branches, the pueraria lobata can grow as it was, full of puerarin and starch.
Fuyi Pueraria lobata is stored in natural storage. Using sand and mountain soil, the pueraria lobata is placed on the ground to align the pueraria lobata. This traditional storage method can make the pueraria lobata with rich moisture and fresh taste.